With continuously changing technology, and fast-paced product cycles, we as designers no longer have the luxury of laboriously debating every pixel. I will be discussing how product design & innovation is tackled at a global scale and how my approach towards mobile design has drastically shifted since my time at Netflix & Google.

Design is not just about the pixels. It is about fast prototyping, defining success, and quick iteration in order to make profitable and beautiful products that are pixel (pretty-damn) perfect.

Upcoming Speaking Events

Web Afternoon  x  August 28  x  Atlanta, GA

Past Speaking Events

SXSW  x  March 2015  x  Austin, TX

WebVisions  x  Sept 2014  x  Chicago, IL 

Circles Conference  x  Sept 2014  x  Grapevine, TX

Designing for Big Data  x  Aug 2014  x  Googele Irvine, CA

WebVisions  x  May 2014  x  Portland, OR

SXSW 2013  x  March 2014  x  Austin, TX

Designing for Big Data  x  Jan 2014  x  Googel HQ, Mountain View, CA

AD13, Android Design Pannel  x  August 2013  x  Mt View, CA

MOB'd UP   x   July 2013   x   San Diego, CA

SXSW 2013  x  March 2013  x  Austin, TX