NEXT TALK: Your Bias is Bull$hit

As designers and creators we assume responsibility to craft products, experiences and things around us - a role better tempered by research and education than one's personal perspective or taste. It's too easy for us to absorb current viewpoint


Design is not just about the pixels. It is about fast prototyping, defining success, and quick iteration in order to make profitable and beautiful products that are pixel (pretty-damn) perfect.


We have slowly been tricked into thinking that late nights, pounding down energy drinks, & neglecting the relationships around us is something to boast about. It is essential that we as designers, entrepreneurs, and creatives understand the need for balance in our profession. 

Upcoming Speaking Events

Acorns/Dribbble Meetup  x  April 2016  x  Irvine, CA

AIGA OC Panel  x  May 2016  x  Huntington Beach, CA

How Design Live  x  May 2016  x  Atlanta, 

Past Speaking Events

Connecting Things  x  January  x  Costa Mesa, CA

Designers Debate Club  x  June 2015 x  San Francisco, CA

Web Afternoon  x  August  2015  x  Atlanta, GA

SXSW  x  March 2015  x  Austin, TX

WebVisions  x  Sept 2014  x  Chicago, IL 

Circles Conference  x  Sept 2014  x  Grapevine, TX

Designing for Big Data  x  Aug 2014  x  Googele Irvine, CA

WebVisions  x  May 2014  x  Portland, OR

SXSW 2013  x  March 2014  x  Austin, TX

Designing for Big Data  x  Jan 2014  x  Googel HQ, Mountain View, CA

AD13, Android Design Pannel  x  August 2013  x  Mt View, CA

MOB'd UP   x   July 2013   x   San Diego, CA

SXSW 2013  x  March 2013  x  Austin, TX