Baby Brother 2013


The past year has been more than an adventure, from being a dad to relocating to a new town to switching jobs. It all has been more than worth it! I am constantly amazed by God's perfect plan and can not imagine being anywhere else than where I am now.

 I have always been a big believer that change, although sometimes comfortable, is a place where you will always learn, grow, and experiences things you never would have without that change. Our new big and glorious change is the newest addition to our family! Kade is going to be a big brother and our new package will be arriving in September.  Erica and I are so excited, and I do not have words to describe how it feels to have such a beautiful wife, son, and future son. :) The Beukel-boys are growing in numbers and I could not be happier.  People keep saying I'll have a Basketball team soon (...and I don't relate) , so I like to think of it as an app dev/design team. :)

And some photos fromt he weekend for fun:

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