Android Adultery: App Selection


The first noticeable (and mildly frustrating) portion of my migration to the Android ecosystem is the brutal reality that there just isn't that many apps on the Google Play Store. When trying to duplicate my current catalog of iOS apps on my iPhone, I soon realized that out of the 183 apps I have, the Play Store only has 57 comparable/similar apps (see comparison below). 


In spite of the lack of depth and breadth in the Android Play Store, there is still the essential apps needed for the average users daily workflow. After being annoyed initially, I came to the realization that nothing had really changed (aside from the fact that I was probably on my phone less). I have been using my Nexus phone for about 3 weeks now, and the only apps I truly miss are Sparrow, VSCO Cam, Vine, and Bike Barron. Every other app I use on a daily basis has an Android counterpart (although usually not as delightful or fast) and doesn't really change my mobile functionality/connectedness.

When looking to the future, with the newer ICS guidelines and better deceives, the Android space is becoming more compelling for the phone & tablet market. I think that a lot of the big players will start taking the Android market more seriously and devote more resources to better experiences in the space. All in all, I still love the polish and variety of the applications in the Apple App Store, but complaining about Android's selection it is quite the "1st World Problem."