Android Adultery


So here is the deal. I have been using iOS since the day it came out. With my new position at Netflix as a mobile UX designer, I have been given the opportunity to design not only for iOS, but also Android and Windows 8. This is somewhat of a bitter-sweet experience, but through the process I have realized a couple things:

1. I love iOS

2. I know nothing about Android. 

Consequently, I have made the commitment to put down my iPhone and iPad and use only my Android Nexus phone & tablet for my everyday use. My goal is to get into the ebb and flow of an Android user in order to have a "less—iOS elitist" perspective. I don't want to approach this Android adventure as a constant comparison to iOS, but rather a fresh look as a new user to Android. I am apprehensive to be making such a bold move since I have had such issues with the Android ecosystem in the past, but Google has been making leaps and bounds in their design aesthetic and the new Ice Cream Sandwich guidelines paint a light of new hope. Overall I just want to learn more of the OS and gain a broader understanding of the mobile space collectively in order to make more informed design decisions.